We took 14 million steps
on Capitol Hill last year.


And we didn’t stop there. Invariant professionals walk the halls of Congress, the White House, every government agency, and a couple of bars and grills. It’s not only great for our cardiovascular fitness—it’s great for getting client issues heard and resolved.

Our bipartisan team members all have in-depth legislative and regulatory experience. We’ve worked for Members of Congress, congressional committees, and federal agencies, and know what makes these policymakers and institutions tick.

We are tireless and get our steps in every day. When you have a problem, we are Invariant.

Meet the team.

Heather Podesta

Ben Klein

Robert Hoffman

Mary Beth Stanton

Jonathan Becker

Patrice Willoughby

Annie Palisi

Anne MacMillan

Sean Joyce

Kim Miller

Larissa Martinez

Noah Kowalski

Steve Bailey

Teal Baker

Robyn Barnett

Laura Joshua

Janie Blanco

Lauren DePinto